An artist by chance

Once upon a time, there was a graphic artist, hidden behind a computer, paper sheets and pencils. And then, on quite a normal day like all others, he has fallen in the cave of the White Rabbit.

Since then, I started to work at Boucherat Sàrl, the leader at the Grand-Duché in the area of decoration and animation. At the beginning, I was a simple Web designer, but with the time, step by step, I started to discover a magic world.

2010, I had the big chance to participate at MILLENIUM. Jam, the big event of balloons. This decision opened my eyes and made me see, that behind a simple balloon exists thousand of possibilities, thanks the brilliant artists that I met.

After years of practice and improvement I decided to participate at the Millenium Jam 2015. Inspirited by the giants from Balloon Art like Phileas Flash and Rob Balchunas, I, Jooe, decided to set my imagination free and to be available for you.

Big adventures wait for us!